Gutman Assif Architects



Gutman Assif Architects was founded in 2003 by architect Yehoshua Gutman, an alumnus of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Architect Adi Assif, a graduate of the Harvard School of Design, joined Gutman in 2008. Professor Shamay Assif, architect and city planner, came on board in 2011, following a career including his role as head of planning at the Israeli Ministry of Interior and as chief engineer of Tel Aviv. 

Realizing architecture as a comprehensive cultural, social, economic and environmental act, our firm’s portfolio includes residential projects, commercial and public buildings, daycare centers, schools and higher education institutes in Israel and abroad. We are also active in the field of urban and master planning for both private and public sectors, including large infrastructure ventures, as well as unique installation design and architectural branding.

Our core team offers a combination of vast planning experience and dexterous creativity in design and architecture. Twelve architects work at the firm, which lists government offices, local administrations, prime real-estate corporations, local and international businesses and private entrepreneurs among its clients.

Public buildings

Following the country’s social injustice protects in 2011 and the Trajtenberg Committee recommendation to lower the compulsory education age to three, we became involved in planning daycare centers and schools. With children’s needs in mind, we sought to design structures that take into account current urban reality with its lack of open spaces, as well as changes in educational concepts brought on by the digital revolution. The firm’s work in this area has received much praise, with our designs chosen by the Department of Industry and Commerce as model projects for cluster daycare facilities. Our daycare center in the city of Netanya received the Israeli 'Ot Haiztuv' Award for Design and featured in a number of national publications.

Residencies, offices, commerce

In recent years the firm is at different building stages on a number of residential and commercial projects. These include urban renewal sites with an added emphasis on mixed-use and purpose specific office complexes, with clear and enhancing user value solutions in both.  Notable projects in this field include the industrial and business park in Caesarea, for which the firm won a planning competition; the Daniel Moritz St. urban renewal project in Tel Aviv, where we offered a fresh approach to density that maintains the economic incentive in the existing urban fabric; three plots in the city of Bat Yam’s renewed industrial area, where we are planning towers for maximized mixed use – commerce, living units and public facilities – which function as one coherent body with reciprocal relations between its members. 

Urban planning

The Israeli planning field presents daily challenges for architects working on large-scale national planning projects. Population density, green space preservation, 21st century urbanism, housing shortages and the relation between the country’s center and the periphery form only a small part of the discourses around urban planning in Israel. Our firm is currently involved in a number of projects, among them the 3700/1 plan in the north-west area of Tel Aviv; a master plan for the Rasco neighborhood in Jerusalem; a plan for the eastern A quarter in the city of Elad; and a new neighborhood in the city of Rishon LeZion. In addition, we are engaged in projects of urban rehabilitation and renewal as in our project in Bat Yam’s Ramat Yossef neighborhood and the Hermon neighborhood in Yavne.

National planning and infrastructure

Gutman Assif Architects is currently leading a number of large national scale plans that will have a dramatic impact on the Israeli landscape. These include a vast water management project of the Ayalon river basin; the train-track leading to the city Eilat; projects in the Bedouin settlements in the south of the country; and national housing projects for which the firm was asked by the Ministry of Interior’s planning department to locate future residential reserves.  

Academic collaborations

Throughout all our years of activity we have strengthened the links between our practice and academic developments and research in the field. Our partners hold teaching positions at Haifa’s Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and encourage collaborations, as in the international conference on vertical building and density in Israel led by Yehoshua Gutman. Our academic approach involves collaborations with commercial companies, among them Gindi Investments with whom we developed advanced models for confronting everyday problems in Israeli spatiality, such as those presented by high-rising buildings, population density, mixed usage, etc.; issues that inform and effect our daily practice.

Gutman Assif Architects is a young and energetic firm with international level capabilities and a strong motivation to develop and grow. Combining a creative desire with a sense of social responsibility, we strive to enhance our presence in all the major junctions of local and international architecture.