Gutman Assif Architects

2014 - PRESENT

2017 -

HaAvoda school & kindergartens

Client: Ramat HaSharon municipality

Location: Ramat HaSharon
Area: 3,500 sq.m 
18 classes elementary school and 4 classes kindergarten

2016 -

Ramot Meir Neighbourhood

Client: Netivot Municipality
Location: Netivot
A  new Master Plan for
a new quarter in west Netivot

2016 -

Hazabim Neighbourhood

Client: Rishon Lezion Municipality
Location: Rishon Lezion
A  new urban Plan for
a new quarter in east Rishon Lezion

2015 -

Plan 3700/1

Client: Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
A proposal for a new urban Plan for
a new quarter in the new North of Tel Aviv, Jaffa.

2015 - 

New Business Park

Client: Private
Location: Ashdod
Area: (10,000 sq.m.).
Master plan development for 23 lots
And a Detailed design for building # 1 


"Kiryat Ayalon" community center

client: Holon Municipality
Location: Holon
Full architectural design development for "Kiryat Ayalon" community center, Holon- Public Building and underground public parking area, 6,000 sqm.

2015 - 

Residential compound in the First Train Station

Client: Private
Location: Jerusalem
Area: 50,000 Sq.m.
250 residential units, 150 rooms hotel
complex, commercial and public spaces.

2015 -

Haim Bar-Lev Street

Client: Gaon Nadlan
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Detailed Master Plan and architectural design development for a mixed use site in Haim Bar-Lev Street, Tel Aviv, Jaffa. 90 apartments in a 20 stories high rise with an employment and commercial complex of 2,000 square meters.

2015 -

 23 Karlibach TLV

Client: Private
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 8,000 Sq.m.
An addition of a hotel, 150 rooms,  to an old office building in the new CBD of Tel Aviv, Jaffa.

2014 -

Rasco Master Plan

Client: Jerusalem Municipality
Location: Jerusalem
Area: 6800 acres
Master Plan for "Rasco" neighborhood in Jerusalem. 

2014 -

Yeffe Nof  school & kindergartens

Client: Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
A 4 story 12 classes elementary school‭,‬ on top of a kindergarten complex. 

2014 - 

Guggenheim Museum

Client: Guggenheim Foundation
Location: Helsinki
International competition 2014 Collaboration with Sio2, Barcelona, Spain.

2014 - 

Residential Block in Ramat-Aviv

Client: Gaon Real Estate inc.
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa

2012 - 2013

2013 -

HaTziporim elementary schol & kinder garten  

Client: Modiin Municipality
Location: Modiin
Area: 3,000 sq.m  
Detailed architectural design development for a primary school and nursery schools, in "HaTziporim" neighbourhoods, Modiin. 

2013 -

Master Plan for regulating Bedouin settlement

Client: The authority for regulating Bedouin settlement
Location: Be'er Sheva
Master Plan for regulating Bedouin settlement. North Valley Be'er Sheva, 
103,000 hectares, approximately 2200 units.

2013 -

Runoff management program of the Ayalon river

Client: Netivei Israel
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Runoff management program of the Ayalon river. Rate recession tides Ayalon basin runoff, with the aim to protect the transport system of Ayalon route, including a fourth train track and neighbourhoods south of Tel Aviv.

2013 -

Master Plan for voltage line and substation

Client: IEC- Israeli Electrical Company
Location: Harish

2013 -

Simcha Holzberg Urban Renewall

Client: Private
Location: Bat Yam
Master Plan for Urban Renewal in Simcha Holzberg Street, Bat Yam. 350 housing units.

2013 -

Shuk Ha'alyah

Client: Tel Aviv, Jaffa Municipality
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 5,000 Sq.m.
A preservation and an addition of a bauhaus former market, to an urban country club.

2013 -

Northen Campus Ben Gurion university

Client: Ben Gurion University
Location: Be'er Sheva
Area: 150,000 Sq.m.
A new Northern campus for the university including new faculties, students homes and ecological solution for the desert condition.

2013 -

Go Fresh

Client: Delek Europe
Location: Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Conceptual Design for 300 branches for a fresh food Café- Bakery, restaurant and convenience store. "Go Fresh", the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


Neve Zeev Kindergartens Cluster

Client: Be'er Sheva municipality
Location: Be'er Sheva
Area: 6 classes - 1200 sq.m.
Detailed architectural design for a Kindergartens Cluster, Neve Zeev, Be'er Sheva. 


Ramot Kindergartens Cluster

Client: Be'er Sheva municipality
Location: Be'er Sheva
Area: 4 classes - 800 sq.m.
Detailed architectural design for a Kindergartens Cluster, Ramot, Beersheba. 


Sea Tower

Client: Bat Yam Seashore corp
Location: Bat Yam
Area: 40,000 Sq.m.
35 Stories High rise mix use with commercial floor and offices. 

2012 -

'Israel Hayom' Printing House compound

Client: Israel Hayom newspaper
Location: Bat Yam
A new mixed use complex, replacing the old printing compound.

2012 -

Hermon Street Urban Renewall

Client: Almog Pinvi Binvi
Location: Yavne
Master Plan and Architectural design development for urban renewal Hermon Street, Yavne 21-25 five-storey residential towers 487 units.

Sde Dov

Client: Tel Aviv, Jaffa municipality
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
A proposal for a new urban Plan of a new quarter in the new North of Tel Aviv, Jaffa.

2009 - 2011

2011 -

Tama 38

Various clients
Location: Tel Aviv Jaffa, Ramat Gan, Givatayim
Tama 38 (The national master plan for earthquake prevention) Architectural design development for several plans in central Israel, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ramat Gan, Givatayim. 200 housing units.

2011 -

Kfar Saba Green school

Client: Kfar Saba Municipality
Location: Kfar Saba 
Area: 3.000 Sq.m.
Year: 2011

2011 -

The Israeli Hall of Innovation

Client: The Israeli Innovation Foundation
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 3,000 sq.
A museum for Israeli innovations. book store and cafe 

2011 -

Givat Yeshayahu Center

Client: Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund
Location: Givat Yeshayahu
Area: 2,500 sq.
Architectural and landscape design development for a forestry center, in "Givat Yeshayahu", with an administrative center, an operational JNF, regional community center, training information center  for the environment, heritage, culture and travel. 


Ness Ziona Kindergartens Cluster

Client: Ness Ziona Municipality.
Location: Ness Ziona
Area: 1000 sqm.
Architectural design development Kindergartens Cluster in Ness Ziona. Two public buildings of six classes with a public passage between them. 


Granot desalination plant

Client: "Mekorot"
Area: 2000 sq.m.
Architectural design development for "Granot" desalination plant Membrane structure and an office building. 


Preservation and revse of JNF observation towers

Client: Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund
Forests' observation towers conservation program for Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund.  Documentation and preparation of a policy document. 


"Plot 127"

Client: Private
Location: Bat Yam
Area: 10 Acres
Residential, office and commercial tower Urban Planing and Architectural Design.


Ayalon Highway

Client: Ayalon Highway Corp.
Landscape design and development of Kiryat Ganot, Ayalon Highway.


Kiryat Hasharon Kindergardens cluster

Client: Netanya Development & Tourism Company
Location: Netanya
Area: 1,000 sq.
Architectural design development for adaycare in "Kiryat Hasharon", Netanya. Public building of eight classes a day care center.


"Open Air Condition"

Client: Jerusalem municipality and The Jerusalem Development Authority
Location: Jerusalem
Urban installation at Generali square, Architectural design to completion and operation.

2010 -

Hazon Forest Master Plan

Client: Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund
Area: 12,000,000 sm.
Detailed Master Plan for the "Hazon Forest" 

2010 -

Cummon Forest Master Plan

Client: Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund
Area: 9,000,000 sm.
Detailed master plan for "Cummon Forest" 


Gan HaShikmim Urban Renwall

Client: Arim – Urban Renewal Company
Location: Ramat Gan
Urban renewal, Ramat Hashikma
Urban plan and architectural design
700 Residential units.


Little Brown caff'e

Client: Private
Location: New York
Conceptual design and architectural design development to the completion for a café and chocolate chain of in New York,"Little Brown".


15 Masaryk Square

Client: Private.
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Architectural design up to building permit for a residential building in "Masaryk Square 15", Tel Aviv-Jaffa. 18 units.
Partner: Arch. Erez Ella.



Business Park  Compound 34

Client: CDC
Location: Caesarea
Area: 30,000 Sq.m
A green employment campus
to be evaluated in LEED criteria.


Boutique Hotel in Tribeca

Client: The Jerafi Family
Location: New York
Area: 3,000 sq.m.

2007 -

Urban Villa & Commercial Space In Neve Zedek

Client: Baruch Naeh Creative
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 600 Sq.m.
A preservation and reconstruction of an old building to a new fashionable apartments. 

2007 -2008


Client: Private
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 1,500 sq.
Architectural design development for a conversion of a storage building to offices and commercial spaces. "Hisense", Kibutz Galuyot Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  


Aroma Espresso Bar

Client: Private
Location: New York
Architectural design development for several Coffee chain branches of "Aroma Espresso Bar" in Berlin, Toronto, New York.


Wok to Walk

Client: Private
Location: London
Conceptual design and architectural design development for several fast food branches for "Wok to Walk" chain in New York, Barcelona, exico City, London. 


Cartoon Museum

Client: City of Holon
Location: Holon
Area: 600 square meters
Interior design implementation for the "Cartoon Museum" in Holon. 


Maoz Vegetarian

Client: Private
Location: United States
Conceptual design and for a  vegetarian food chain throughout the United States. "Maoz Vegetarian".

2005 -2006

HaOman 17

Client: Private
Location: Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Area: 800 sq.
Architectural design development for a nightclub "HaOman 17", Tel Aviv-Jaffa. 


Big center

Client: The "Big" shopping centers.
Partners: K.S.T. LTD.
Location: Ashkelon
Preliminary design for commercial and office spaces. "Big center", Ashkelon 20,000 sq.m. 10,000 square meters of office


194 Hayarkon Street

Client: Private
Location: Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Area:  5000 sq.
Conceptual design for a residential building in "194 Hayarkon Street", Tel Aviv, Jaffa.


Hangar 9

Client: SAGA Projects
Location: Tel Aviv Harbor
Area: 2,100 Sq.m.

2000 -

Galillee Aroma

Client: Private
Location: Kiryat Shmona
Area: 2,700 square meters. 
Conceptual design for a biotechnology plant "Galillee Aroma", Kiryat Shmona